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ChView Java - User Agreement and Guide

The original ChView program is a Microsoft(r) WINDOWS (3.1 to NT) application, whose compiled code is still available. Unfortunately, its source code was destroyed by a virus, and extant bugs can not be fixed without a complete re-write. However, we are now developing applets (using the Java computer language created by Sun Microsystems) that provide -- and sometimes extend -- some of the most popular features of the original program.

Initially, ChView Java applets were designed to be fun navigational aids for the various Sol Station web sites. Over time, however, we've received inquiries from people who wish to use ChView Java for personal web pages engaged in noncommercial activities. To assist such noncommercial users, this User Agreement and Guide describes the conditions of use and various display features ("tags") of the current version of ChView Java and their available settings, and provides graphical examples using ChView Java.

Terms of Use

User Guide

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