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Solar System

Stars within 10 ly


Stars within 10 to 20 ly


Stars within 20 to 33 ly


Stars within 33 to 65 ly


Stars within 65 to 100 ly

Farther Stars?


NOTE: Animations of elliptical orbits were created using four variables: semi-major axis, period, eccentricity, and inclination. In order to improve the initial displays for the Solar System, the xy plane has been rotated (300░) and tilted (60░). However, you can use the same ChView Java controls used in ChView star maps to rotate, tilt, expand, contract, re-center, and double-click to "jump" to your final destination. To better visualize actual deviations from ideal observational measurement conditions, orbital displays of extra-Solar planetary systems retain their inclination angle from Earth's line of sight -- initially displayed without added rotation or tilt. The initial settings of orbit displays for multiple star systems are as noted at the bottom of each animation.

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