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On-line Star Maps: Right click and drag to view the local stars in 3D. Double-click to learn more about a star. Try the big Nearby Star or Bright Star maps. Make your own maps with free ChView programs for your PC or Web site.

Jo Grant & Ben Lin, "Stars within 27.2 light-years." Applet powered by ChView.


Map Guide

Left click to identify unlabelled stars.

Right click and swirl mouse to rotate map.

Left click a star and "=" button for a new center of rotation.

Left click "+" or "-" button to expand or shrink view scale or -- with "?" button -- scope, and orbit speed or update increment.

Double click, or click and "Go" to notable destinations listed in Stars and Orbits.

See "?" button for controls on Distance Lines & Numbers, Reset, and Pause or Resume.

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