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Web Map Display

No Map Shown on SolStation.com Homepage:

  • Check to see if Java has been enabled on your Web browser.

  • Netscape Navigator 4+ and Communicator 4.6+ should display the ChView map. Check that Java has been enabled -- e.g., on the top menu bar, under "Edit," "Preferences," and "Category: Advanced" for Communicator.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ should display the ChView map. Check that Java has been enabled on the top menu bar, under "View," "Internet Options...," "Java VM," and "Java JIT compiler enabled."

  • You may have to reload the SolStation.com homepage to display the ChView map after enabling Java on your web browser.

The Stars in the Web Map: (Last update - 8/28/01)

  • "Sol" is a name for our Sun that is commonly used in astronomy and science fiction.

  • The Homepage or Nearby Star maps currently contain about 999 stellar and substellar objects that were estimated to lie within 47.2 light-years of Sol in early 1999, while the 27ly "Test" Map has 250 objects within 27.2 light-years.

  • The Homepage Map initially displays local stars with a northern hemispheric perspective looking down towards the south celestial pole, while the 27ly Map retains the previous southern perspective.

  • The Bright Star Map contains 999 stars, primarily main sequence stars of OBAFG spectral types -- excluding most K and M dwarfs -- that may be located within 100.0 light-years (ly) of Sol. However, it also includes some bright K dwarfs located within 19.5 ly and known or suspected, subgiant and more highly evolved stars of all spectral types. In addition, two relatively dimmer and presumably older, G subdwarfs are included.

  • The Microsoft Windows version of ChView can display larger files of celestial objects. Currently, the largest file -- with updated distances from the European HIPPARCOS satellite -- contains over 8,700 objects that should lie within 150 light-years of Sol. Go to ChView files for a full list of data and programs.

Colored Stars, Lines, and Other ChView Features: (Last update - 8/1/01)

Orbit Animations: (Last Update - 8/1/01)


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