CJC Stars within 47.2 Light-Years

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On-line CJC Map: This map may only work with Internet Explorer, for now. Right click and drag to view the places mentioned in C.J. Cherryh's fiction. Double-click to learn more about a fictional location.

Jo Grant & Ben Lin, "Stars within 47.2 light-years." Applet powered by ChView.


Map Guide

Left click on an unlabelled star to see its name.

Right click and swirl your mouse to rotate around the center star.

Left click on a new star then the "=" button to set a new center.

Left click the "+" or "-" button to expand or shrink the field of view.

Double-click, or click "Go" button, to go to clicked star. Click CJC_Stars for a list of available destinations.


NOTE: All fictional place names and events described are the intellectual property of C.J. Cherryh, who retains all rights (including copyrights and trademarks).

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