Notable Nearby Stars

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Stars within 10 ly


Stars within 20 ly

    From 10 to 20 ly


Stars within 10 pc

    From 20 to 33 ly


Stars within 20 pc

    From 33 to 65 ly


Stars within 100 ly
(also within 30.7 pc)

    From 65 to 100 ly

    Farther Stars?

Extreme Objects


Note: In astronomical distance measurement, 32.6 light-years (ly) is equivalent to 10 parsecs (pc), 65.2 ly to 20 pc, and 100 ly to 30.7 pc. An asterisk (*) denotes a star system that could host at least one rocky inner planet suitable for habitation by Earth-type plant and animal life without special environmental protection, although microbial life may be able to live on, within, or float in the atmosphere or oceans of other planets already detected. For more information about stars including spectral and luminosity class codes, go to ChView's webpage on The Stars of the Milky Way.

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